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Develocraft’s 5 amendments to business partners

  • We don’t believe in a copy/paste philosophy

    we’re here to hear your needs and translate them into tangible solutions

  • We know the Tech industry

    we’ve delivered dozens of in-house IT solutions to our clients, so you may expect technical expertise from us

  • We are proactive and take ownership of our project

    don’t expect us just to sit and wait for your instructions

  • We believe in the power of knowledge

    thus, we conduct research to turn it into reports at our partners’ disposal

  • We’re not perfect

    that’s why we give you a warranty, in case of things going south

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Develocraft completed the budget on time and within budget. They used the correct technology stack and discovered issues that were addressed accordingly. The professional team managed the project using Jira and communicated via Slack and emails throughout the engagement.
Christian Walkerden
Project:Proof of Concept for POS System
Develocraft’s resources were of high quality, meeting the client’s expectations. These engineers were agile and collaborative, integrating into Jira for project management and delivering work on time. Additionally, Develocraft was very accommodating and flexible, finding new resources quickly.
Łukasz Kornacki
Development Director,Finastra
Project: Staff Augmentation for Financial Software Dev Company
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