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Employee benefit management platform UI shot

Developing a System to Make Managing Benefits Simple

We have managed to improve customer satisfaction by 78%, reduce development time and cost for a disruptive startup (Nais).
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Helping Restaurant Chains Streamline Omnichannel Ordering.

A swiss company required solutions to allow them to scale their fast growing solutions and improve product flexibility.
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Image of Job Board Platform

Improve the User Experience of a Job board ATS platform.

Improved user ratings as well as design & development processes. See how our partnership approach results in great outcomes for our client.
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Building efficient tech solutions to help local communities

Large business centre will always have a problem with parking space, car sharing platform is a great way to reduce the commuting stress.
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Image of Carpooling app
Image of Olivka - loyalty app

Loyalty-based application in restaurant industry to retain clients

Our client required a new way to improve customer loyalty and retention. Together we've built a loyalty app to make it happen.
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How Develocraft helped turn one entrepreneur's vision into reality

From just an idea into a living application, see how we can lead the whole process.
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Image of complex code
Image of Customer Loyalty platform

Building Customer Loyalty with a Custom Web Application

We have optimized the initial ideas in terms of user experience as well as used our development experience to find fast and resilient tech solutions.
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