Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance


Our main activity is based on technological services, which inevitably impact the environment. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint, use resources responsibly, and support innovations that contribute to protecting the planet.
  • We believe in an eco-conscious environment One reason we selected Olivia Business Centre for our headquarters is that the office park meets the stringent requirements set by BREEAM and WELL building certification systems. OBC is also committed to achieving an ambitious goal: by the end of 2025, 50% of the electricity will be sourced from renewable energies.
  • We believe that small actions have big consequencesWorking from home, when office presence isn't necessary, reduces the environmental impact by cutting down daily commute-related carbon emissions.
    That’s why, in 2023 we decided to stop printing anything that is equally valid when digital-only. We are also considering ecological reasons when it comes to company gadgets and gifts for our employees.
  • We believe in human-caused climate change Annually, we dedicate a day to plant new trees in cooperation with the local government. In 2023, we planted spruces in Tricity Landscape Park in Sopot, Poland. But our efforts don't end there. We also encourage our friends and partners to plant a tree as a part of the fundraiser for Posadzimy.pl.

Develocraft at work, planting trees for the first time.

Here’s what our recycled gift for Women’s Day looked like.

Olivia Business Centre - our main headquarter is here.

Olvia Business Centre Cetrification systems

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Be who you are and do what you love. At Develocraft, we are a team composed of individuals. We expect you to help us achieve our goals, but in return, we want to enable you to realize yours. We don’t impose a specific path forcefully - you can build your own to freely develop and enjoy your work.
What you do impacts others, and positive motivation is contagious. Good advice can save someone from making a very bad decision. You are capable of more than you think, so set an example for others and share your experience with us.
hesitate to ask
You have the right to make mistakes – we all do it regularly. You might also lack knowledge or simply not be able to do something. Communicate your problems, concerns, and failures to the team and your superiors without fear. Together, we will try to find the right solution.


Our team is our most valuable asset. We care about the well-being of our employees, promote inclusivity and diversity, as well as engage in social activities for the benefit of local communities.
  • We believe in transparencyAt Develocraft, every Job Offer includes a Salary Range, demonstrating our commitment to transparency.
  • We believe in our people's developmentEach employee receives company benefits, including a rewards platform (Nais), private healthcare, a sports activities card, a training budget, and electricity co-financing for remote workers.
  • We believe in caring about mental well-beingIn 2023, we joined the Mindgram platform, providing instant access to psychological care and well-being services, such as training, coaching, and workshops.
  • We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusionWomen constitute 90% of Develocraft’s back office team and also play a significant role in our development team. We support the cause by participating in Women in Tech conferences and giving lectures on Women's Equality at various online meet-ups in 2023.
  • We’ve got a big heart for people (and animals)We participate in numerous CSR activities annually.

Our team visiting a dog shelter with food packages we gathered

We support mental health of our coworkers and their families.

Here’s us during one of our many family integrations.


We believe that transparency, ethics, and accountability are the foundation of effective management. We strive to ensure our decision-making processes are consistent with the highest industry standards and reflect the expectations of our stakeholders.
  • We believe in human-to-human connectionswhich is why we attended several industry events in 2023, including big conferences, such as WebSummit (Lisbon), London TechWeek, and Infoshare.
  • We believe in strategic partnershipsOur partnership with Infoshare and Infoshare Academy enables us to connect with both: prominent brands and talented candidates. Our mission is to facilitate these connections.
    We’ve also joined FinTech Poland - an organization the closest to our industry focus, in order to be up-to-date with trends and deepen our understanding of the financial services sector.
  • We believe in the technologies of the futureThus, we invest our time and efforts to explore the future in HR at the forefront of the AI revolution. From 2023, our VP - Kamil leads a series of meet-ups called IT’s HR.
  • We believe in the power of knowledge-sharingThrough partnerships, we create industry reports to share insights with the market.
  • We believe in feeling safeWe comply with GDPR standards and have implemented comprehensive cybersecurity measures, including introducing a security policy, restricted data access management, backup policy, or cyberattack protection tools.
  • We believe in stability and control:Our board focuses on providing us with a clear strategy each year for the coming year, taking into account market situation changes and the latest trends. The board also concentrates on risk management, through budget planning and implementation of its assumptions, development and diversification of product strategy, and the issue of tax transparency.

At Websummit in Lisbon to create new connections and learn latest trends.

Our partnerships that allow us to broaden our reach and knowledge.

Women In Tech Summit allows us to better understand diverse challenges.

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