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Body Leasing

Body leasing or hiring contractors allows you to temporarily or permanently hire individual IT professionals, providing flexibility to scale teams according to project needs. Professionals are employed by the outsourcing provider, easing administrative and financial burdens for the client, but they act like your own employees. This service is ideal for accessing specialized skills from all over the world or augmenting staff during peak periods, without the long-term obligations associated with regular recruitment.

Team Leasing

Team leasing offers companies the ability to hire a fully managed team of IT professionals on a temporary or permanent basis. This approach facilitates project development expansion without the hassle of recruitment and team management - we’re here to do it for you. The leased team acts as an extension of the client's in-house department, with the outsourcing firm handling all HR-related responsibilities.

Permanent Recruitment

This service focuses on filling long-term, full-time positions by identifying candidates that fit both the technical requirements and company culture. Permanent recruitment streamlines the hiring process through expert sourcing, vetting, and matching, ideal for companies seeking to grow their core team with individuals dedicated to their long-term vision.
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