Staff Augumentation

Quality software development experts to care for your software.

We can help you to reach your clients

Consulting IT Specialists & Recruitment

Do you need skilled developers?

We provide our clients with the IT Specialists they need to implement projects, whether on or offsite.

Our model keeps cooperation flexible and bureaucracy to a minimum. We value efficiency and think a low cost-to-impact ratio is something to aspire to.

Why work with IT consultants? Full time, highly skilled developers can be hard to find. You might not even need to hire someone permanently. Consultants like ours give you access to premium expertise on a flexible (often more budget-friendly) basis.

If you want to minimize risk exposure and support staffing needs, particularly on one-time projects, working with our IT consultants could be the solution for you.

Want to hire your own tech talent?

In-house IT specialists are great for organizations with ongoing technology needs. Investing in key skills and having ongoing access to your own, directly employed talent can lay the foundations of future success.

If this solution is right for your business, we can use our extensive market knowledge and network to find you the right IT specialists to employ directly.

We are fervent believers in long-term relationships. We are proud that our clients recommend us as transparent and effective business partners.

Team Leasing

Need multiple developers?

We have the team for that. Team leasing can reduce fixed costs while providing access to qualified experts. If you don’t want to or can’t invest in full time, in-house developers, we have good news.

You don't have to hire the best talent in-house to benefit from decades of experience.

When you lease a team from Develocraft, we assign you a complete IT project team, including a dedicated team leader or project manager to carry out your vital work.

Only team members with the required skills and business experience will be assigned to your project.

What else is included?

  • We conduct an analysis to determine your exact requirements,
  • We manage your project with care to ensure that you only receive service of the highest quality
  • When the time is right, we’ll carry out a complete knowledge transfer and prepare the necessary project documentation
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Fixed Price

Do you have an IT project with clearly defined requirements?

When you work with us under the fixed price model, we work with you to define the outcome of your project as clearly as possible before offering an exact timeframe and quote for the work.

How does fixed price IT consulting work?

  • As the client, you provide us with the requirements of your project as clearly as possible
  • We then discuss these with you and reach a common understanding of the project’s scope
  • The development team analyzes the project requirements and gets back to you with a proposal detailing the budget and technology necessary for success
  • This gives you a clear understanding of the overall budget and timeframe
  • When you’re comfortable to proceed, we’ll seal our agreement with a fixed price software contract, which specified the rights and responsibilities of both parties
  • We get to work!