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Design for new products

If you need an app, website, or any kind of digital product, we can help you.

And one of the ways we can do that is by giving you the best design work possible.

Are you creating a new digital product? Design is essential.It’s also part of the wider project of developing your digital product.

But how does it work?

The process of designing your new product

Step one: your USP
First, we sit down with you - over coffee if possible - and ask you some very focused, important, and specific questions. We call this your discovery session.

Why is this necessary? You need clear business goals and a clear understanding of your user’s needs.

Exploring them with you let’s us learn about what you want and gives us a chance to help you fill any gaps and offer our own perspective, based on years of experience.

Your conversation with us will also cover your competitors, the scope of your project, and our recommendations. The goal is for you to walk out with a clear and unique value proposition.
Step two: your plan
After our conversation with you, you’ll already have a clear objective. But to get there, you’ll need a detailed plan.How will your user navigate? What features are vital?

How will you reconcile the needs of your user with your carefully prepared KPIs?

We’ll start by generating user paths and establishing your product’s architecture.
Step three: your user experience (UX)
It’s time for the final step of the design process.We’re going to build a new experience.

Our design team starts by building an interactive prototype. These creations are a powerful way to see how your product will look and feel before it’s even produced.

It’s also the first time you’ll be able to experience it as a user might, interacting with the different features and exploring the different pages. It’s an exciting moment.Having this interactive prototype gives you another advantage; you can use it to gather feedback and test it among potential users. Listen to what they have to say, and your first real users are going to love it.

How will you reconcile the needs of your user with your carefully prepared KPIs?

We’ll start by generating user paths and establishing your product’s architecture.
What you get?
  • A discovery session where we conduct an analysis to determine your exact requirements and market fit
  • A clear, easy-to-use document with the findings of the discovery session
  • Comprehensive visual style guides
  • Your interactive prototype
  • User testing and documentation
  • Production-ready design

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Product redesigns

What are your reasons for redesigning your digital product?Have your business goals changed?

Are you trying to reach new audiences?

Do you feel that your current design is outdated?

Regardless, redesigns are an exciting opportunity to bake your digital product better for your users. We can help you. But how does it work?

The process of your product redesign

Step one: exploring your brand
A redesign is an opportunity to craft something new, but it’s important that it’s consistent with who you are and makes sense for your product.

That’s why the first step is to ask some highly focussed questions to understand what makes your product - and your business - unique.

Together, we'll explore the core values integral to who you are that would survive a thousand redesigns. Those should always be there. Then we’ll uncover a route to bring those values with you as you face new challenges.

But whatever we discuss, the answers will be shaped by a single question; what are your goals for this redesign?
Step two: data, data, data
The next step is research. We want to know your product inside out before putting pen to digital paper.We’ll carefully analyze your customer reviews, analyze your internal reports, get to know your Google Analytics stats and use all of this to inform our design approach.

This research stage also involves a UX (User Experience) review. Our designers will carefully examine what your current product is like for the user and the factors behind that, such as the existing user paths.

Out of all that information, we’ll craft an improvement plan that will form the basis of your product redesign.
Step three: the really fun part
It’s time.

Your product’s about to receive a fresh new look and an overhauled UX.

We’ll put our designers to work creating an original visual style that reflects your goals and will have your users falling in love with your product all over again.
What you get?
  • A discovery session where we’ll explore your exact requirements together
  • Research documentation
  • Your UX review report
  • A detailed set of visual style guides
  • A library of design components
  • A fully production-ready design

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Branding and rebranding

What is branding?

It could be your logo, colors, typeface, voice, company mission, or all of the above.

Each of those items is important, but they’re not enough on their own. Each has been selected because of the particular emotions they evoke when combined.It’s those emotions that people experience when thinking of you that constitute your brand.

Your brand is the emotions that people experience when they think about you. If shaping the emotions people feel when thinking of your company sounds like hard work to you, you’re right. But it’s a challenge we can help you with, and this is how:

The process of designing your brand

Step one: the workshop begins
Designing (or redesigning) a brand is high-level stuff. To do it right, you need to take a step back and see what’s really going on.

That’s why we start by giving you an all-day workshop - a place to discuss your most important values and audiences, as well as the scope of your brand. It’s a time to relax, but also a time to think deeply.

Together, we’ll explore your brand’s personality and all aspects of its identity.
Step two: generating proposals
The next phase of the workshop will involve creating proposals for the precise visual style to represent the company’s core values and identity.

Your brand is more than a logo. Brand lives across mobile screens, social media, the web, and print. All touchpoints matter.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a clear proposal in hand for all of these areas - the basis for branding that does what brands should; create the right emotions in your audience. Step three: your brand guidelinesSavvy customers expect coherent brands. To make sure you can keep your brand that way, consistent across all mediums, we create your own unique brand guidelines document, containing all visual and writing styles alongside practical guidelines to help keep to them.

Before anything else, our designers are here to ensure the success of your brand. It should tell the right stories and form the right connections in the minds of consumers.

We build digital-first brands that are grounded and authentic.
What you get?
  • A discovery session that will determine your exact requirements and shape your brand personality for decades to come
  • A comprehensive body of documentation with the findings of the discovery session
  • Your brand guidelines
  • Brand marketing assets
  • Printed materials (as required)
  • Production-ready design
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