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Discovery Process

Workshops, research and business strategy. We help you verify your assumptions and find your product-market fit.

You get an implementation plan for your idea based on Agile, Lean Startup and Scrum methodologies.


Product / Business Overview

By involving you in the process and communicating directly with our team we will be building a similar vision. Doing the groundwork for what will helps us look in the same direction.

  • User Definition
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Defined ROI
  • Problem Definition
  • Product Challenges
  • Value Proposition


User Flow / Scope

When we create products and services we start with an in-depth understanding of your business and users needs. We run comprehensive market research and dive into UX Design to structure and address the problems and needs your user's have.

  • Defined MVP
  • Defined Project Scope


Look & Feel

Stand out with a beautiful product that people will love to use!
We focus on creating a unique user experience that unleashes your brand personality. Our designs go in line with your business strategy and contribute to its growth.

You get a well designed product to meet your brand values and represent what you stand for.

Why collaboration is so important?

Every product is different. Every customer has very individual needs.

We need to understand each other to help you create something amazing. Setting up a similar vision — that's the real reason behind Product Discovery.

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