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Product Development Process at Develocraft

Our focus is on solving business challenges with cutting-edge solutions
that amaze users.

How we work

Our design & development experience enables us to consider all the strains and opportunities, especially at the beginning of a project.

Understanding is the key to success. To precisely customize your project, we need to work together and carefully analyze your business, technology, and design goals to ensure top-class product delivery that will meet your expectations.

  • Product Discovery
  • Product Scope
  • Implementation plan
  • Design & Development
  • Product Delivery
  • Support (Optional)

Do It Right to Make It Right.


Product Discovery

Fixed Price

Our workshops and research and the resulting business strategy offer a full understanding of your product and expectations.

We then provide you a document with a detailed summary. And now, it is up to you if you choose to go forward with us.

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Make The Thing Right.


Design & Development

Agile Price

We work incrementally, in 2 weeks intervals called sprints. Our designers and code crafters work side-by-side to make sure that in every sprint we deliver a testable piece of work. We use Scrum to make our work efficient, predictable, and valuable.

  • Regularly Scheduled Feedback
  • Dedicated Agile Team
  • Design Reviews
  • Usability Test


Product Delivery

Agile Price

The big moment is coming! After accepting the solutions, your product is ready to hit the market and make an impact on your business!

  • Product Documentation
  • Smooth Execution
  • Stable Production Environment
  • Your Completed New Product

Our process is carefully designed for your product

We work based on the needs of your target audience and the values inherent in your product. Our team has an extensive track record of building great products and building user experiences that live up to the expectations.

Good to know.

We can offer post-launch support of your product. This includes: defect resolution and security, vulnerability updates and bug fixing.

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