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Case Study – Carpooling Mobile App

Olivia Carpooling

The Client
Olivia Business Centre is a prestigious and vivid business park located at the very heart of the Gdansk metropolitan area, close to the University of Gdansk. Today it provides 150 000 m2 of AA class office space for more than 200 companies and 8 500 their employees. It is the largest business center in Northern Poland.
The Challenge
The client came to us with the problem of accessing OBC, due to the limited number of parking spaces, massive traffic, and overloaded public transport. OBC employees were exhausted by the costs of commuting to work and the time for it. The environment also suffered. The challenge was to create something to reduce the traffic, minimalize the costs of commuting to work, time and money wise. For all of the multinational employees working in OBC.
The Solution
Together with the client through consultations, we have developed a solution to this problem. We decided to build a dedicated tool that was cheaper than the custom ones available on the market, and at the same time, it better met the expectations of the target group. Thanks to the application of React Native, it was possible to create an app available on Android and iOS, which additionally reduced the costs and duration of the project. Olivia Carpooling is the new way to commute to work. With the app, people can commute to Olivia with their friends, neighbors or co-workers. It is the greatest opportunity to find co-passengers in your area which is driving to the Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk.
The Result
The profit is clear - an easy and intuitive app designed for a multicultural group of people working in Olivia Business Centre, right now the potential client base is 8 500 people and growing. Both English and Polish versions are designed for Android and iOS. Olivia Carpooling gives a profit as saving money, time and the environment.
Develocraft is a good place to find a team of designers and developers with passion for all new, creative ideas. They work in a friendly atmosphere, take care of your clients/users. We are looking forward to next, innovative collaborations and further, improved versions of current projects.

Marcin Królikowski / Sourcing Leader / Olivia Business Centre