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Case Study – SaaS platform for benefits

SaaS platform for benefits

The Client is a comprehensive platform for rewarding and motivating employees. As an employer, you can easily distribute benefits. As an employee, you can spend your money on anything you want. As a partner, you can sell your services at marketplace. Currently, Nais has around 350 partners who provide 4.5 thousand offers from various categories for employees of about 150 companies, that use Nais services.
The Challenge
The client came to us with a challenge of taking over an annual project with more than 400,000 lines of code, created by over 30 people without contact with previous contractors. The problem was to replace the software house in the middle of the project without suspending its running. In a short time, we had to create a dedicated team with a good understanding of the project. The goal was to develop the functionality of the web application along with the construction of a mobile application.
The Solution
We built a dedicated team of developers and designers for the client (CTO/Senior Fullstack Developer + Back-end Developer + Senior Front-end Developer + Junior Front-end Developer + Senior UX/UI Designer). After we took over the project, we started a migration from one framework to another (AngularJS to React) to further develop the application and build a mobile app in React Native.
The Result
In only 6 weeks we built a dedicated team, that has been working continuously with the client for 14 months, developing and maintaining a project that has not been stopped even for a day during the transition. Framework migration was a success, and the mobile app is on and running.
Guys from Develocraft are awesome specialists in finding the right IT people & building dev team. They work super fast and the team they found us definitely meets our needs. If you are looking for the best dev team, they will help you to make it happen. We are working remotely and it works really well.

Iwona Grochowska (CEO) / NAIS.PL