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Case Study – Automated Lead Acquisition Tool

infoShare Academy

Automated Lead Acquisition Tool

The Client
infoShare Academy is one of the largest IT programming schools in Poland with divisions in several cities. They run intensive courses in the field of front-end, back-end (including Java, Python), Data Science, Quality Assurance as well as agile project management methodologies. They teach programming from scratch and prepare their graduates to enter the IT market. They trained already over 1200 trainees.
The Challenge
The client came to us with a challenge to automate the acquisition of contacts from potential students by automating the test distribution for them. The primary goal was to increase lead generation and automate work of sales team. Thanks to the test - people could check if they have the right predispositions to start their career in the IT industry and immediately become a lead in the sales funnel.
The Solution
The project began with a discovery workshop, which led us to a mutual understanding of the business challenges and goals. We developed, configured and implemented an automated lead acquisition tool on their website and integrated it with e-mail marketing/marketing automation tool and their CRM with push notifications.
The Result
Thanks to the solution - in few weeks after the launch, they acquired over 200 leads from potential clients that went right away to marketing automation tool and got managed by their marketing team to warm them for salespeople.
No matter what you need - a website, UX project or mobile application - Develocraft definitely is a team that you should talk to. They got skills and will understand your business goals.

Andrzej Kiesz / CEO, infoShare Academy