IT job market in Poland: 2023

IT job market in Poland: 2023

Our summary-and-predictions report on the IT job market in Poland in 2023 is now available for download. In addition to what you have read above, this very document will tell you everything about the hiring freeze that has hit the country (or has it?) and what the current Polish economic situation is like.

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    What exactly you will find in the report?

    Hiring freeze in Poland - winter is coming or is it already here?

    The layoff trend is clearly visible in the USA. However, some companies in Europe have frozen recruitment and are watching the situation - what will happen on the market in 2023 and what exactly it will look like. It can be said that companies present on the Polish market, at the beginning of 2023, are now waiting for developments, trying to prepare for maybe not the worst-case scenario, but not the best either.

    See the numbers behind the hiring freeze in Europe and Poland as well as the details about the demand in the IT industry - is it really decreasing? Or maybe quite the opposite?

    Current economic situation in Poland

    Inflation and escalating prices in Poland: how are they doing now, and what can be expected in the future?

    How to make an IT competence provider more than just a supplier?

    Sharing our thoughts and experiences, both from the perspective of the supplier and the customer of this type of service. Is outstaffing worth it? Is hiring external specialists the best solution in every scenario?

    2023 and beyond: the future of Polish IT job market - what's now is what's next

    How much higher are the wage increases compared to previous years? Is getting paid in foreign currencies becoming a thing in Poland? Going contract - temporary trend in employment or a new standard?

    2023 Salary Forecasts (Contract of Employment & B2B)

    Find out what the salaries for various positions in the IT industry in Poland will look like in 2023, depending on the technology and experience of candidates - no BS, straight data. Get the numbers and get ahead!

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